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The Klayr Grant Program

Whether you’re a developer diving into the ecosystem or a budding builder inspired by the prospect of decentralization and blockchain, we’ve got the tools to help you succeed.


Imagine the possibilities: Gaming, NFT’s, DAO’s…

Applicants from all backgrounds are welcome – from JavaScript developers leveraging the Klayr SDK to creators bringing work into the Web3 ecosystem, to projects at any stage of development. We also invite non-blockchain projects that support our ecosystem with educational, promotional, or research content. Embrace the future with Klayr and turn your innovative ideas into reality.


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Application process

Before you start, make sure to prepare the necessary documents. When applying, you’ll need to submit your Project Proposal. Make a copy of our Project Proposal Template and follow the instructions to create a unique version that’ll earn you our approval!


  • Scope of work: Clearly define your project’s goals and deliverables.
  • Milestones: Break down your project into achievable steps.
  • Technical details: Outline the technical requirements and solutions.
  • Financial plan: Demonstrate financial sustainability and budget allocation.
  • Team information: Provide details about your team’s expertise and roles.

Submit your completed template through the application form. We look forward to reviewing your proposal!

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During the selection process, we’ll evaluate projects based on the impact on the Klayr blockchain, as well as technical background, financial sustainability, and potential outcomes. If the project meets the criteria we are looking for, we’ll schedule a call to discuss possibilities.


Funding amount depends on the agreement’s nature. Payouts are disbursed upon milestone completion and paid in KLY tokens.

Terms & Conditions

Get to know more about the process here.