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Meet the Klayr Validator Support Program

by | Jun 13, 2024

Klayr Validator Support Program

The Klayr team is excited to announce our Validator Support Program, designed to foster a robust and decentralized network. This program aims to incentivize and support validators who actively contribute to the stability and performance of the Klayr blockchain.


Program Goals

  • Maximize Decentralization and Performance: Ensure the network is decentralized, reliable, and high-performing.
  • Increase Validator Participation: Encourage a diverse group of validators to participate.
  • Support Testnet and Mainnet Validators: Sustain a strong testnet and transition successful validators to the mainnet.


Program Outline

Testnet Participation

Validators interested in joining the Klayr mainnet must first prove their capabilities on the testnet. This involves successfully running a validator node, meeting performance requirements and validating at least 2,500 blocks (approximately 1,5 weeks). This initial phase ensures that participants have the technical ability and commitment necessary to maintain network stability.

Mainnet Validator Onboarding

Once validators have demonstrated their reliability and performance on the testnet, we will prioritize developer teams and ecosystem contributors for onboarding to the mainnet. High performance on the testnet is a prerequisite, ensuring that only the most capable validators transition to the mainnet, further enhancing its security and efficiency.

Stake Matching

To support validators during the onboarding process, the Klayr team will match non-Klayr stake (external stakes not made by the Klayr team) 1:1, up to a cap of 100,000 KLY, for participants who meet performance requirements. This incentive encourages validators to engage with the community and attract external stakes. By participating in this program, validators can significantly increase their influence and contribution to the network.

Commission Requirements

To stimulate a healthy staking landscape within the Klayr ecosystem, validators need to set a maximum commission of 20% on the mainnet. This ensures fair opportunities for all participants and maintains a balanced ecosystem.


Testnet Incentive Payment


Participants operating a testnet node can qualify for a 1,000 KLY incentive payment after successfully running and validating minimum of 2,500 blocks (~1,5 weeks) on the testnet, signaling their interest in becoming a mainnet validator, and ensuring their validator commission on the mainnet does not exceed 20%.

Incentive Distribution

The incentive payment will be made to the participant’s mainnet address after they have set up their mainnet node and set the commission to a maximum of 20%. All we need for payment is your email address and Discord name.

During the first phase where KLY is not yet listed we will transfer 100KLY upfront to be able to pay for the initial costs in the mainnet validator process.

Apply below!

We look forward to building a robust and supportive validator community with your help. For more information and to get started, visit our Testnet Faucet and Docs. Join the conversation on our Discord!


Note: We will re-evaluate the program on a weekly basis, so changes can be made when needed. These updates will always be shared within our Discord server first and on our website. During the first phase we will support a maximum of 20 validators.


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