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Build your Web3 app in JavaScript

The Klayr SDK enables developers to build the next iteration of the internet

Simplicity matters to us

Accessibility as a principle

Whatever we do, we keep you in mind. Developers love the Klayr SDK because of how easy it is to make innovation happen. Take a look and you will understand why!


Start Building

Eager to bring your blockchain ideas to life? Ready to embark on a journey of creation and innovation?
Join us now and start building your vision within the thriving Klayr ecosystem.

By Developers,
For Developers


Deeply committed to the most popular programming language.


Complete flexibility, composability and upgradability from the get-go.

Open source

Forever free and open under the Apache 2.0 license.


Interconnected Web3 apps create the next iteration of the internet.



The Klayr SDK is a compendium of development tools for Web3.
Make use of them all to build powerful use-cases.


A command line interface tool designed to be the most convenient tool for developers to get started.


An application framework to glue all modules and libraries into a robust Web3 app together.


A wide array of libraries to provide essential and useful crypto functionalities out-of-the-box.


A service layer for extreme infrastructure scalability and great extensibility of your APIs.

Join the community

Community involvement is central to our mission, with members taking vital roles and a strong incentive framework. We highly value our community‘s input, ensuring the L1‘s future is a collective effort.