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Klayr Mainnet goes live June 25th








Lisk Classic Reimagined

Klayr takes over Lisk’s L1 technology

lisk L1 Legacy -> Klayr

What Klayr is taking over

evolution through the years

Fair distribution

An eight-year history ensures fair distribution, promoting equitable allocation and a stable, decentralized ecosystem.

Long-standing Development

Our platform thrives on a rich history of development and rigorous auditing, forming a solid foundation for continuous innovation and growth.

Established Ecosystem

Our ecosystem, bolstered by it’s longstanding history, is a robust and established network. Ready to take off!

What is Klayr?

A Blockchain Application platform

Klayr is designed to empower creators of all backgrounds and ambitions to build blockchain solutions. Whether you’re an individual artist experimenting with your own tokens or NFT collections or a developer creating full-fledged blockchain applications on your dedicated sidechain, the platform provides the tools you need.

Sidechain Interoperability

Flexibility for developers to scale and tailor their blockchain projects to their specific needs.

Mainchain Token Issuance

EVM bridge

A gateway to set up wrapped tokens on the Ethereum network, thereby expanding reach and accessibility to a broader audience and deeper liquidity pools.

Start Building

Eager to bring your blockchain ideas to life? Ready to embark on a journey of creation and innovation?
Join us now and start building your vision within the thriving Colecti ecosystem.

Klayr As A Layer 1,

A New Era Unfolds

Discover Klayr’s blockchain, an evolution from the Lisk L1 legacy. Eight years of expertise, now reimagined for tomorrow’s digital frontier.

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Klayr Proof Of Stake


Staking on validators within the Klayr blockchain offers users the opportunity to earn rewards, incentivizing participation and investment in the network’s security. This mechanism not only enhances the blockchain’s integrity but also provides a tangible benefit to those who actively contribute to its stability.

Block Rewards

The block rewards are set at 2KLY, incentivizing both validating and staking. This approach not only encourages greater participation in network validation but also ensures a more secure and robust system for the users.

Active Validators


Block rewards



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Klayr is supported by the Onchain Foundation

Klayr enables creators and developers to participate in the crypto innovation landscape. Building on top of the strong technological foundations of Lisk, Klayr’s vision of sidechain interoperability, mainchain token issuance and EVM bridge, combined with an attractive staking yield, makes it an obvious choice for no-code creators and JavaScript developers to build on.

Max Kordek

President at Onchain Foundation, Advisor Klayr