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How to claim your $KLY tokens

by | Jun 12, 2024

 With our launch date less than 2 weeks away, we have received a lot of questions from Klayniacs about how LSK L1-holders can claim their $KLY tokens when we launch on 25 June.

On the launch day, every wallet address that held LSK at the time of the snapshot will receive the same amount of $KLY tokens. Here’s the scoop on the simple 3-step process you’ll need to take to get ahold of your tokens.


Step 1: Download the Klayr Desktop Wallet

Navigate to our wallet page to download our desktop app. As we intend to move to Metamask Snaps relatively soon, we’ve decided not to roll out a mobile wallet in the meantime. For now, you can only interact with the testnet, but this will change when we launch on 25 June.


Step 2: Sign into your wallet with your old 12/24 words recovery passphrase

Using the same 12/24 words recovery passphrase that you used for your Lisk wallet, you’ll be able to log into your Klayr wallet. Make sure to hold on to your 12/24 words recovery passphrase as these will be your way to access your Klayr wallet from now on.


Step 3: Admire your shiny, freshly-minted $KLY tokens

Your tokens will be waiting for you! 


Step 4 (optional): Start staking!

Want to put your tokens to work for you? Start staking right away to begin earning rewards.


Did you hold LSK (L1) on an exchange?

If you held your LSK on an exchange and the exchange agreed to support our airdrop, the exact process for claiming your tokens can vary based on how the exchange chooses to handle the airdrop. In some cases, it can take a little bit longer for your $KLY tokens to show up in your account. Keep an eye on your account and contact the exchange directly if you have any questions.


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