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Staking 101: How to stake with Klayr

by | Jul 4, 2024

What is staking?

Staking is a process by which cryptocurrency holders lock up their tokens to support the operations of a blockchain network. In return for staking their tokens, participants can earn rewards. While staking is a great way to earn additional KLY tokens, the act of staking also helps secure the Klayr network. The more KLY tokens used for staking, the more decentralized the network becomes. A truly decentralized network is much harder to attack as the stake required to take over the network is made more difficult to obtain. Staking is an essential mechanism in proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain networks, ensuring decentralization and security.


Why stake with Klayr?

There is an impressive earning potential when you stake your KLY tokens. Because we launched our blockchain with a 7-second block time and an average block reward of 2 KLY tokens, that means that these high rewards come in fast, allowing for rapid, passive growth.


Ways to stake KLY tokens

On the Klayr network, there are two ways to earn additional KLY tokens through staking. You can stake KLY on a validator to secure the network or even become a validator yourself.


Staking with a Validator

The most common method of staking KLY is by staking with a validator. This involves locking your tokens with validators who offer to share their block rewards with those who stake with them. The lower their commission percentage is set, the more rewards they share.


Becoming a Validator

The Klayr network is secured by 51 active validators and 2 stand-by validators. For every block generated by an active validator, the validator who generated it earns KLY proportional to their total staked KLY. Stand-by validators earn a 2 KLY token reward. Additionally, all validators earn the majority of the transaction fees within the block.

To become a validator, you must stake a minimum of 100 of your own KLY tokens on yourself and have a total stake of a least 1,000 KLY.


How to Stake with Klayr Desktop

  1. Navigate to Validator Profile
    Use the search bar to find a validator by name or address, or go to the validator page and click on your chosen delegate.
  2. Stake on the Validator
    On the validator profile page, click the “Stake validator” button
  3. Enter Stake Amount
    Enter the amount of KLY you wish to stake with for this validator, then click the “Confirm” button. This will add the vote to your staking queue.
  4. Verify and confirm
    Click the “Go to the staking queue” button to go directly to your queue. Verify your new stakes are correct and click continue.
  5. Final confirmation
    You’ll be taken to a confirmation page. Again, verify your stakes and click the ‘Confirm’ button.
  6. Enter Password
    You’ll be prompted for your account password. Enter it and click the ‘Continue’ button to send your stakes to the network.

Are your tokens already earning rewards for you? Download the Klayr Wallet now to start staking and put your tokens to work!

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