Terms of Use

Last Updated: 4 June, 2024


Hey there! Thanks for choosing Klayr. Before you dive in, please read these Terms of Use carefully. By clicking “Accept” and using our services and software, you’re agreeing to these terms.


What’s Covered

These are the Terms of Use for everything we offer at Klayr. They apply to all our products and services, including our website, wallet integrations, core, SDK, token offerings, and any related services. We’ll call these our “Softwares” or “Products.”

Just so you know, the Klayr Network is decentralized and not managed by us. We don’t control any activity on the Network, which means there might be downtimes, bugs, or cyberattacks. We’re not responsible for these events or the Network’s functionality.


Eligibility and Agreement

You need to use Klayr Softwares in your own name. If you’re using it for a company or some sort of legal entity, make sure you’re authorized to act on their behalf.


Your Responsibilities

You’re responsible for keeping your device and Klayr Wallets secure, including your passwords, passphrases, private keys, or other codes. If this information is lost or compromised, you might lose access to the Klayr Wallets and any tokens in them.

If you think a Klayr Wallet is compromised, contact us immediately at [email protected]. Also, remember to log out after each session. You are solely responsible for any loss if you don’t follow these security tips or ignore our alerts.


Availability of Services and Softwares

We’ll do our best to keep the Klayr Softwares up and running. If there are any major issues, we’ll let you know. Likewise, if you experience any big technical problems, please inform us.

Our Softwares may evolve over time. We might add new features, change, or discontinue parts of it. If we decide to discontinue any Software, we’ll notify you via our website or other means.

Please note that Klayr Softwares might not be accessible in every country due to local regulations.


Force Majeure

Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control, like natural disasters, government actions, or network breakdowns. These, and other events, are called “Force Majeure” events, and we’re not liable for any delays or failures caused by them.



Using Klayr Wallets and other Klayr Products comes with risks, including:

  • Software weaknesses that might lead to the loss of tokens.
  • Regulatory changes that could affect Klayr Softwares.
  • Loss of your private key or passphrase, which could mean losing your tokens.
  • Attacks on the blockchain that could impact Klayr Softwares.


Public Keys, Private Keys, and Passphrases

When you create a Klayr Wallet, the software generates a digital private and public key pair and a passphrase for you. The public key creates your Klayr Wallet address and can be shared. The private key is used for transactions and must be kept safe.


Data Protection

We’ll use your information to provide you with our services. We may share your data with external organizations for these purposes. You consent to your data being transferred outside your country if needed.


Prohibited Activities

Please don’t use Klayr Softwares for illegal activities or anything that might harm their performance. Also, don’t try to hack, bypass security, or violate laws with our Softwares.



If you break any of these terms, we may terminate your access, close your Klayr Wallets, or refuse to open new ones for you.



You agree to protect Klayr and its team from any claims or damages arising from your use of our Softwares or violation of these Terms.


Limitation of Liability

To the extent allowed by law, Klayr isn’t liable for any damages resulting from your use of our Softwares. In any case Klayr’s liability is limited to the amount charged to you for our services in the year the liability occurred.



We reserve the right to close your Klayr Wallet or discontinue Klayr Products without notice, especially if you misuse them or break these Terms.



You’re responsible for figuring out any tax implications related to your use of the Softwares. Klayr isn’t liable for your tax obligations.


Entire Agreement

These Terms, along with any other agreements that apply to you, make up the entire agreement between us and you.



If any part of these Terms is found invalid, the rest will still apply.


Changes to These Terms

We might update these Terms from time to time. If we do, we’ll post the new version on our website and they’ll take effect 14 days later. If you keep using Klayr Softwares after that, you agree to the changes.


Communications and Written Notices

Any notice to us should be in writing and sent to our address. Notices are considered received within one hour of emailing or immediately if sent via our system.


Complaints and Disputes

If you have a dispute or complaint, please email us at [email protected], and we’ll try to resolve it through negotiation.


Dispute Resolution, Place of Jurisdiction, and Governing Law

These Terms are governed by the laws of The Netherlands. Any disputes will be resolved in the courts of Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Thanks for being a part of the Klayr community! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.