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Meet the Team – Chief Product Officer

by | Jun 4, 2024

Chief Product Officer Raphael Cornelis

You probably already know by now that Klayr is a Layer 1 blockchain application platform, providing the tools for digital ownership to allow the new generation to build better solutions. In this edition, we are excited to introduce you to one of our co-founders and core members: Chief Product Officer Raphael Cornelis.

He started his web3 journey in 2016 and has a lot to share. Continue reading and get to know our CPO 👇


Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey everyone! I’m Raphael, 33, originally from the vibrant city of Brussels, Belgium. Now, I’m living the good life near Utrecht in the Netherlands with my amazing girlfriend and our dog, Pip. In my free time, you’ll find me tearing up the trails on my mountain bike or running through the forests. When we get a bit more time off, we pack our bags and head off for camping adventures across the beautiful landscapes of France.

What are your passions and hobbies? 

As mentioned before, I enjoy being outside, whether it’s running, cycling, walking with my dog Pip, or a quick padel game (plus the beers afterwards). One of my passions is playing the piano and singing along. I also love making music with my band. We’ve been covering hits and playing at weddings together for over 18 years. Additionally, I enjoy playing board games, with Andor being my absolute favorite. If you haven’t heard of it, I highly recommend checking it out—it’s an amazing game that keeps you engaged for hours of strategic fun.



What brought you to Web3, and what is, for you, the most exciting thing about it?

Ethereum brought me into Web3 in late 2016. After first exploring Ethereum, I was introduced to Lisk, which has kept me in the space ever since. Lisk’s vision and mission to make blockchain accessible resonated deeply with me, particularly through its user-friendly approach using JavaScript. It inspired us to start developing on the platform early on. Additionally, the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) dynamics of Lisk further fueled my interest. What excites me most about Web3 is the community spirit—people from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and ambitions, united by the same goal: to bring blockchain technology to the masses.


How did you become a Web3 founder? What advice would you give to future web3 founders?

I became a Web3 founder by simply starting. We began with developing small proofs of concept, which gradually evolved into more comprehensive applications, eventually leading to Klayr. The beauty of Web3 and its community spirit lies in our collective effort. If you have an idea, start building it and involve others in the process. We’re all in this together.


What excites you the most about Klayr?

As a community, we’ve been following Lisk for a long time, witnessing them build a platform from the ground up, adding crucial components over time. Now, after 8 years, we as Klayr have the opportunity to continue the technology we’ve seen develop all this time and evolve it in a direction that aligns even more with our vision. This chance to build on and refine the technology is incredibly exciting.


For developers and project managers interested in joining blockchain companies, where should they start?

To join a blockchain company, start at Klayr, the easiest place to begin your adventure in the world of blockchain thanks to our user-friendly SDK. By mastering blockchain fundamentals and contributing to hands-on projects, you’ll quickly build a strong foundation. Engage with our community, and stay updated on industry trends. You can find all you need to start here. 


What is the message you want to send to other Klayniacs?

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the Web3 projects our community will build within the Klayr ecosystem. Your creativity and ideas are the foundation of our decentralized future, so always feel free to share them. If you need help or want to collaborate, just reach out to us—we’re always here for you. Let’s create something amazing together as a community!



You can learn more about us and our team on X, Discord, LinkedIn, and our website.

Do you have an adventurous spirit like Raphael and want to explore a career in Web3? Keep an eye on our jobs page for the latest vacancies at Klayr!

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