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Klayr’s modular approach

by | Jun 6, 2024

Klayr's Modular Approach

At Klayr we believe that:

    • decentralised networks empower community-driven development.
    • innovation happens inside and outside of your organization.
    • modularity is essential for growth of a software ecosystem.

Klayr’s modular approach is the key to addressing our biggest challenges.


The main challenges

Klayr originated in the Lisk community. We formed as a team of experienced Web3 entrepreneurs dedicated to advancing Layer 1 technology as a community-driven project. Building on such a solid foundation gave Klayr a flying start, but it also means we have significant expectations to meet in terms of development capabilities and challenging strategic decisions to make.



Our Layer 1 (L1) technology allows for the creation of fully customizable dApps, all in JavaScript with detailed documentation. However, building a dApp still demands a certain level of expertise and considerable time investment. Therefore, we need to make our L1 even more flexible to accommodate a wider range of users, and we must ensure the development process is as fast and easy as possible.



Although we have a talented and dedicated team at Klayr, we lack the resources to scale development quickly enough to deliver a wide range of functionalities in a short timeframe. Given the rapid pace of change in the Web3 space, we must accelerate our development efforts to ensure Klayr’s continued success.


Community contributions

Finally, we need to find effective ways to collaborate with our community. The community is full of skilled individuals who are passionate about the project, something we consider a tremendous asset, but we need a structured and secure method to harness these resources effectively, ensuring that community contributions are integrated smoothly and safely into the platform.


To address these challenges, we are introducing blockchain modules as a key part of our strategy.


Modules explained

Blockchain modules are essentially pre-built components that builders can use as building blocks for their projects. These modules simplify the development process by providing ready-made functionalities, allowing developers to focus on building innovative solutions rather than reinventing the wheel. Imagine modules for locking/staking, HTLC (Hashed Timelock Contracts), NFT collections, token swaps, ticketing, and chat functionalities. By using one or more modules, builders can significantly shorten the development time for projects built on Klayr, making it easier and faster to bring new ideas to life.

Modules can be stacked, which means that they become more complex over time. This in turn increases the complexity of the functionality that is made possible by using them. Our goal is to start simple and establish those first building blocks.


Klayr’s bounty program

How can we provide a structured way for the community to contribute directly to the creation and enhancement of these modules? The answer is the Klayr Bounty Program. This program is a key initiative designed to engage and reward our community for contributing to the development of Klayr. Through this program, community members can earn rewards by completing specific tasks or projects related to building blockchain modules. These tasks are posted as bounties, which detail the requirements and the rewards for successful completion. Participants can choose bounties that match their skills and interests, ranging from coding and testing to documentation and design.


Increasing development capacity beyond business borders

This approach will significantly increase Klayr’s development speed and capacity. It essentially expands our development team with an indefinite number of community members working alongside us. By enabling parallel development, where these modules exist independently and have minimal interdependence, we can leverage the collective expertise and creativity of our community to build faster and more efficiently. This collaborative effort ensures that Klayr continues to evolve rapidly, meeting the diverse needs of our users and staying ahead in the dynamic Web3 space.


Go-Live in July

We are very excited to announce that the Klayr Bounty Program will go live one week after the launch of the Klayr platform, in the first week of July. This will provide immediate opportunities for our community to start contributing and earning rewards, propelling Klayr forward from the very beginning.


Do you want to stay up to date on the Klayr Bounty Program? Follow us on X, Discord, LinkedIn, and our website so you always have the latest news!

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