What is Klayr Commander?


Klayr Commander is a command line interface tool designed to be a low entry point, coupled with being the most convenient and user-friendly tool for developers who are looking for an efficient way of coding.

Klayr Commander allows communication from the command line with a remote or local node in order to access and utilise Klayr-related functionalities.

What can be achieved with Klayr Commander?

  • Bootstrapping a blockchain client.

  • Decrypting/encrypting passphrases or messages.

  • Creating new accounts.

  • And much more…​

For further details please see the Command-Line-Interface.



The following dependencies need to be installed to run the Klayr SDK:

Dependencies Version


v18 (latest LTS)


Install Node.js

Node.js is supported on most operating systems. Follow the instructions for your operating system on the Node.js downloads page.

NPM is automatically installed along with Node.js.

Verify Node.js installation

Confirm that Node.js and NPM have been successfully installed by executing the following commands:

node --version
npm --version


To install the latest version of Klayr Commander as a global command, install the NPM package as shown below:

npm install --global klayr-commander

Upon successful completion, NPM will add the Klayr Commander executable to your PATH.


For a full list of all commands and their available options, see the Command-Line-Interface reference.
Use npx klayr in case you installed Klayr Commander locally.

Type klayr in the command-line to display the command list and general help:

Klayr Commander general help
A command line interface for Klayr

  klayr-commander/6.0.0 darwin-x64 node-v18.16.0

  $ klayr [COMMAND]

  endpoint    Invokes the provided endpoint.
  generate    Commands relating to the Klayr generator.
  keys        Return keys corresponding to the given passphrase.
  message     Commands relating to user messages.
  passphrase  Commands relating to Klayr passphrases.

  autocomplete  Display autocomplete installation instructions.
  console       Klayr interactive REPL session to run commands.
  hash-onion    Create hash onions to be used by the forger.
  help          Display help for klayr.
  init          Bootstrap a blockchain client using the Klayr SDK.


To update your global installation to the latest version of Klayr Commander, simply execute the following command:

npm update --global klayr-commander