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Klayr Labs partners with the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

by | May 29, 2024

HU Partnership

A new generation of web3 natives is all around us, and we believe that the path to digital ownership is one of education. Investing in students has been a part of the Klayr Labs’ DNA since the start, so we are proud to share that we have signed our first university partnership with the Creative Business Department at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.


Sharing expertise and learning by doing

It’s an honor for us to enter into this agreement right here in Utrecht, where our company is headquartered, with the university where two of our founders studied. By formalizing what was already a friendly relationship, the Creative Business program will share opportunities for us to tap into the expertise and broad skill set of its students through participation in graduation projects and courses.

“The best way to learn is always by doing. Offering a space for students to learn about the latest in web3 technology and work on our projects can provide valuable, innovative insights that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to access while giving them the freedom to try out the strategies they’ve learned in their classes. Beyond the students’ fresh perspectives, we love the energy and eagerness to learn that they bring to the table.”


– Jurre Machielsen, our CCO and the coordinator of the partnership

Meanwhile, we will also share our knowledge, expertise, and resources in the field of web3 with students and faculty to enrich the learning experience. Through company visits, intern placements, providing use cases, organizing hackathons, and even providing personal support for working with the Klayr SDK, we hope to equip students with the tools they need to confidently navigate the worlds of both business and web3.


Off to a great start

When we launched Klayr Labs earlier this year, a Creative Business intern was on the team from day 1. Denisa Bogorodea, a third-year student at the HU, has already learned a lot from her time on the marketing team.

“On my working days, I wake up feeling like I’m going to meet up with my friends to find a way to achieve our goals together, not going to work. It’s a really valuable opportunity, and sometimes, I still can’t believe that I’m having such a cool experience. I started by looking for an internship for university and I ended up on a path that is helping me figure out what I want to do in the future.”


– Denisa Bogorodea, Digital Marketing Intern


A bright future

“At the Creative Business program, we are committed to transforming educational experiences into launching pads for real-world innovation. Our partnership with Klayr Labs bridges the latest in web3 technology with our hands-on learning approach, nurturing a new breed of digital pioneers. We are very excited to continue our already great collaboration with our students and team.”


– Lianne Bergeron, Head of Global Industry Partnerships for Creative Business

We are thrilled to take these first steps toward engaging directly with the web3 professionals of the future and look forward to using this partnership as a pioneering example for future collaborations with universities across the Netherlands and beyond.


If you are interested in partnering with Klayr Labs, you can send us an email at [email protected].

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