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Meet the Team – Marketing Intern

by | Jun 11, 2024

When we launched Klayr Labs earlier this year, a third-year student at the HU joined on the team from day one. We are excited to introduce you to one of our rising stars: Denisa Bogorodea, our Marketing Intern. From her fresh perspectives on digital marketing strategies to her enthusiasm for the Web3 space, Denisa brings a vibrant energy to our team.

Join us as we get to know Denisa, explore her journey into marketing, and learn about her aspirations and contributions at Klayr.


Tell us a bit about yourself

Hey! I’m Denisa, the Marketing Intern at Klayr. I was born in Romania, but I moved to the Netherlands 3 years ago to study together with my motivation in life – my boyfriend. Our house is even warmer since we have Luna, our puppy. My passions are reading, cooking, and traveling, and their combination is perfect for me. Besides that, I wanted to work in marketing since my first job. Everything related to marketing fascinates me and here, at Klayr, I feel that I am getting closer to finding out what I want to do with my future.

What are your passions and hobbies? Share some fun facts about you!

As I said above, I like traveling, cooking, and reading, but sports have my heart. I have been an athlete since I was little. I played handball, basketball, modern dances, and now I focus on the gym and a healthy lifestyle. I like to make any unhealthy food healthy by adding a lot of proteins (a pizza, for example).

Fun fact: I say fun because people think so, but for me, it’s just a guilty pleasure hahaha. I love the combination of salty and sweet (potatoes with ice cream, watermelon with sheep cheese) and I really like to eat lemon with salt.


What’s one thing about marketing that never fails to surprise you?

One thing about marketing that never fails to surprise is how quickly consumer behavior can change in response to new technologies and trends. Despite careful planning and market research, unexpected changes in how consumers interact with products, platforms, and messages can catch marketers by surprise. Of course, with the help of a marketing team like ours, we can control this by conducting continuous market research and monitoring, developing targeted marketing strategies, and, of course, making data-driven decisions.


What brought you to Web3?

When I started looking for an internship I aimed for companies that would really help me develop both personally and professionally. At one point I remember that I came across the description of the internship position posted by Klayr and simply after doing deep research, I was fascinated. During the interview, the founders spoke passionately about Web3 and I believed a lot in their future plans right from the beginning. If I understood the basic idea about Web3 from an interview, imagine how far you can go with Klayr as your mentor in this journey.


What excites you the most about working with and at Klayr?

I am excited about everything that happens to me at Klayr. This experience is a huge opportunity for me to understand exactly what marketing is and how many improvements it can bring. The Klayr team made me feel confident and one of them. What could be nicer than learning next to a team that is ready to offer you the best they know? Besides that, I am very fascinated by the company’s plans, and I am happy that I can help Klayr move them forward.


What was your biggest lesson with us so far?

“Team work makes the dream work”. 


For students interested in joining blockchain companies, what would you recommend?

The only thing you need to get started is passion and enthusiasm. Then the research plays an important role in your development, but with Klayr you are not alone on this road. Just start, and the Klayr team will guide you.


What message do you want to send to other Klayniacs?

Stay curious, stay passionate, and let’s keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Together, we’re not just building a blockchain; we’re creating a future where technology empowers and connects us all in new and profound ways. 

Let’s continue to collaborate, share knowledge, and support one another. Dive deep into the tech, explore its endless possibilities, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or offer help.



You can learn more about us and our team on X, Discord, LinkedIn, and our website.

Want to join Denisa and make the healthy choice of a career in Web3? Keep an eye on our jobs page for the latest vacancies at Klayr!

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