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Meet the Team – Tech Lead

by | May 13, 2024

Meet the Team - Tech Lead Nick Van Rossenberg

Klayr is designed to empower creators of all backgrounds and ambitions to build blockchain solutions. In this context, we believe that behind every innovative project, there’s a team of diverse individuals whose unique skills and perspectives come together to drive success.

In this first edition of Meet the Team, you’ll get to meet one of our core members: Nick van Rossenberg, Klayr’s Tech Lead. From fun facts to what is on his mind when it comes to developing in web3, let’s get to know Nick.


So tell us, who is Nick van Rossenberg?

I am Nick, a web3 developer for a couple of years and now the Tech Lead at Klayr. Before that, I was a day trader for about 10 years, trading stocks and crypto. I love coding, my wife, my french bulldog, and kitesurfing. I also like tinkering around with my home lab.

Nick's Dog

I started out in web3 by wanting to create trading bots for crypto. I spent about a year studying the ins and outs of it and learned quite a lot, so when someone asked if I would like to start as a full-time web3 developer for a DEFI startup, I couldn’t say no.

I had such a good time doing that that I decided to continue on in web3 development. I feel like in web3, developers are king because they are the ones building out the space.



What excites you the most about working with and at Klayr?

The opportunity to work on a layer 1 blockchain doesn’t come around often and it’s the only way to learn the core mechanics of a blockchain in general. I also really enjoy being part of a fast-paced team with a startup mindset. The Klayr blockchain is great because we focus on onboarding developers in the easiest way possible using Typescript with a great SDK. The more web3 devs that join the platform, the bigger the ecosystem will get. If I could send a message to other Klayniacs out there, I’d say let’s collaborate to build a cool ecosystem and learn from each other along the way.

Nick Kitesurfing


What would you recommend for developers interested in joining blockchain companies?

Watch out for scams is an important one. Aside from that, start to actually use web3 apps so you get to know what a wallet, transactions, gas fees, etc. are. Then, try to get a deeper understanding about smart contracts, transaction pools, and how to interface with them. It’s also fun to create a very basic blockchain yourself in any programming language to get a deeper understanding of the core mechanics. I think it helps a lot to join the community to stay up to date on what’s going on. In the end, the most important thing is to actually start building stuff. Thats the only way to learn!


Wanna join Nick and kitesurf your way right into a career in web3? Keep an eye on our jobs page for the latest vacancies at Klayr!

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