Module klayr-commander - v6.0.5


Klayr Commander

Klayr Commander is a command line tool to help developers to build a blockchain application using Klayr Framework.

License: Apache 2.0


$ npm install --global --production klayr-commander

Upon successful completion, NPM will add the klayr-commander executable klayr to your PATH.


$ klayr COMMAND
running command...
$ klayr (-v|--version|version)
klayr-commander/6.0.3 darwin-x64 node-v18.20.2
$ klayr --help [COMMAND]
A command line interface for Klayr

klayr-commander/6.0.3 darwin-x64 node-v18.20.2

$ klayr [COMMAND]

account Commands relating to Klayr accounts.
autocomplete display autocomplete installation instructions
help Displays help.
message Commands relating to user messages.
passphrase Commands relating to Klayr passphrases.


To use autocomplete feature for commands & flags follow the instructions after running

$ klayr autocomplete

Running Tests

Klayr Commander has an extensive set of unit tests. To run the tests, please install Klayr Commander from source, and then run the command:

$ npm test

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